Nouvelle Nahda - Episode 2

by & with Myriam Boulos, Hayat Erdogan, Juan Ferrari, Anna Hofmann, Sophie Krayer, Yara Bou Nassar, Ibrahim Nehme, Kenza Nessaf, Antje Schupp, Nour Sokhon, Michel Steinberg

online from 11.2.21 on >>> Theater Neumarkt - Nouvelle Nahda

Nouvelle Nahda – Episode 2 will be released the 11.02.2021 and manifests in three different yet interconnected ways. First, in the city through photo interventions by Lebanese photographer Myriam Boulos. Second, in print with a text by Lebanese writer Ibrahim Nehme. And, finally, as a documentary essayistic film, which the whole team worked on collaboratively

Nouvelle Nahda - Episode 1 was released in April 2020 and consists of an online publication and a video series of Artists in Conversation. This body of work documents the first part of our journey and presents texts and artworks that were born at a time of revolution and great change.


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