Recycling of Life

von Antje Schupp

Premiere RECYCLING OF LIFE in February 2024 >>>@Kaserne Basel and >>>@Ballhaus Ost Berlin

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08.02.24: Premiere Basel (20h, doors 19h)
09.02.24: Show Basel (20h, doors 19h)
10.02.24: Show Basel (20h, doors 19h)
11.02.24: Show Basel (16h, doors 15h)
13.02.24: Show Basel (20h, doors 19h)

23.02.24: Premiere Berlin (20h)
24.02.24: Show Berlin (20h)

Foto ©Pati Grabowicz

Konzept / Regie / Text: Antje Schupp
Performance: Antje Schupp, Ayman Nahle, Yanik Soland
Ausstattung: Christoph Rufer
Video: Ayman Nahle
Musik: Yanik Soland
Technische Leitung & Licht: Thomi Kohler
Produktion: Annina Birrer, produktionsDOCK

Eine Produktion von born2perform in Koproduktion mit Kaserne Basel
Partner: Ballhaus Ost Berlin, UMAM D&R Beirut
Mit grosszügiger Unterstützung durch den Fachausschuss Tanz&Theater BS/BL und Pro Helvetia

«Recycling of Life» works on the eternal cycle of life and things. In order to live, cells die in us unnoticed, sometimes every second, and are renewed. The universe is constantly in motion, rotating and expanding. There is no stand still. Between these two extremes: humans, their memories - and their stuff. What ist to be done with it? Anyone who has ever had to deal with a household clear-out knows that the stuff having to be disposed usually has no value - or does it?

We surround ourselves with things that are not only useful, but also interesting creations. With every record that is disposed of, someone's music is destroyed. With every shredded box of books, pages and pages of someone's thoughts disappear. Last but not least, these seemingly useless things may have been faithful companions in someone's life. What do they tell us about them? And what does it tell us about our time when it is sometimes cheaper to destroy and produce something new than to keep it?

In «Recycling of Life» not only objects but also memories, experiences and knowledge are recycled. The audience can take part in the process.

Life is a tune you cannot predict.
It's like a smart composition.
Always keeping you in the loop and the unknown how and where it will evolve to.
You may be thinking you know for sure what's going to happen next, but as they say:
"Life is happening while you're busy making other plans".
So fuck plans.

Your plans eventually don't work out and life's music eventually ends before expected.
Its sound fades away, cuts off or turns into a soft crackle, a silence filled by the last note.

And that's what you will have been in the universe:
A soft crackle.
A piece of matter slowly turning into dust.
Nothing new. Bible talk.
Mankind's struggle with its own finity is as old as mankind itself. Get over it, man.

Video Stills from ©Ayman Nahle's "The haunting disapearance"

Fotos ©Pati Grabowicz


"Ein außergewöhnlicher Abend"

"Alles andere als zum Vergessen"
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